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Provide Free WiFi.
Boost your business.

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Attract new customers in your business and connect with them on social networks.

Meet the Social WiFi.

Let your customers instantly connect to your network with Facebook or Google.

Do amazing things with your WiFi.

Know your customers

Check your network stats and get useful insights on your customers.

Promote your business

Say hello to your customers with tailored promotions and invite them
to come back to you.

Get visibility on Social Networks

Gain "Like" and "Check-in" on Facebook and stay connected with your customers.

Get in touch with your customers

Reach your customers anywhere, by sending them tailored promotions
via e-mail.

Make WiFi yours

Upload your logo and choose where redirect your customers once
they get connected.

Free WiFi Dashboard

All in one place.

It's not just a dashboard, it's the place where you meet your customers.
You can also manage your router on the go via App.

Visibility on Social Networks

Try the new Social Hub

Keep an eye on your Social Networks and
check the social buzz about your brand.

Wiman for everyone.

Fits for restaurants, bars, cafes, hotels and more.

2 M

wiMAN Hotspots

One router, a guarantee of simplicity, safety and control.

  • Easy setup

    Connect the Wiman router to the ADSL modem, associate it to your business and you are online. The router updates automatically through the Internet.

  • Double WiFi network

    The Wiman router creates two separate networks: private and secure for you; public and easy to access for your customers.

  • Safe data

    Wiman is the responsible for the processing of all personal data and you are not responsible for any possible illegal activity done by users.

  • Bandwidth limiting

    Keep all the bandwidth you need for running your business and your network will never be slow.

  • Connection timing

    Set the maximum connection timing for your customers, depending on your business.

  • User access management

    Problems with some user? Block one or more users to prevent the access to your WiFi hotspot and be safe.

Start boosting your business today.
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Free € 0 /month € 89 una tantum for the router.
Upgrade to Premium at any time.

Everything you need to provide simple and safe WiFi to your customers. The easy way.

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Premium € 19 /month or € 199 billed annually.
€ 89 una tantum for the router.

Everything included in the Free plan, plus the marketing & analytics tools to reach your customers with tailored promotions.

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Hardware Free Premium
WiFi Router
Free setup
Remote technical support
Social WiFi
Public network + Private network
Personalized network name
Login with Facebook or Google
Customizable splash page  
Customizable success page  
Social Hub  
Audience analytics dashboard
Users stats updated in real-time
Connections stats updated in real-time
Aggregate data history
User Engagement
Facebook Like
Facebook Check-in
WiFi Marketing
In-store promotion  
App notifications
E-Mail Marketing
Bandwidth limiting  
Connection timing  
User access management  
Legally compliant data holding
SSL encryption
Customer Service
Email support
Phone support


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