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A WiFi router and a Marketing & Analytics dashboard.

Promote your brand, attract new customers and turn your Social WiFi
in a great business opportunity.

Easy, safe, smart

Social WiFi

Customize your WiFi hotspot and promote your brand


Get insights on your WiFi users and improve your business

WiFi Marketing

Reach your customers with tailored promotions


Get “Like” and “Check-in” on Facebook

Social WiFi

Customers get access to your WiFi hotspot in a simple and fast way thanks to Facebook or Google Login and the lenghty registration procedures are no longer necessary.


Thanks to Wiman dashboard, you can get useful insights
on your WiFi users through aggregate stats and thus
improve your business.

WiFi Marketing

Reach your customers anywhere by sending them tailored promotions: meet their needs and invite them to come back
and to talk about your business well!


Get “Like” and “Check-in” on Facebook and increase your business visibility and the word of mouth on Social Networks.


Wiman router is a guarantee of simplicity and safety: setup is easy, you can keep your private network to run your business and you are not responsible for any possible illegal activity done through your network.


Keep your WiFi hotspot under control: choose the
speed and the maximum timing of your customers connection
and manage the access to your network.

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